Thursday, 25 November 2010

University of Wolverhampton Press Release

The University of Wolverhampton published a Press Release regarding my Success as being Ranked one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the UK.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Shaun Gurmin Ranked as Top 100 UK Entrepreneur

The recent economic issues coupled with few opportunities meant that for most students, their first glimpse of their career aspirations came during their placement year, if they were fortunate enough to get one in this highly competitive market. The issue with this is that if the student didn’t like the job, they were then stuck with the placement.

In response to this, Shaun Gurmin had the idea of developing partnerships with educational organisations including the University of Wolverhampton, and employers, and through these relationships he organised business visits.

These visits allow students to get a competitive edge by learning exactly what employers are looking for. Students are also able to get a glimpse in the life of the professional career they aspire to e.g. a day shadowing an accountant or manager. This is intended to allow students to decide if the: industry; business; or career path is right for them.

Further to this, CHARGE: the Multi-Award Winning Student Social Enterprise also arranges a variety of events throughout the year to enhance students’ employability. These include careers events, fundraising days and other fun activities. Students are able to volunteer in any event and gain valuable experience.

Due to Shaun being Founder and President of CHARGE, and the success it has experienced, Shaun was recognised as one of the UK’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs by Striding Out.


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